LENTEIN®- The World's Most Complete Plant Protein

I'm sure you've all heard of soy, pea, hemp and whey protein. But have you heard of LENTEIN®? Made from water lentils that are grown in Central Florida, LENTEIN® is growing in popularity due to its amino acid profile and superfood density!

Water lentils are the newest, most sustainable, high-quality plant protein on the market. They are the only plant protein comparable to whey. They contain a complete amino acid profile while also containing 46% of essential amino acids, which is higher than any other plant protein. These essential amino acids (EAAs) are essential because you cannot make them in your body, you must consume them. Water lentils also contain all of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are responsible for building muscle.

Our water lentils are minimally processed to convert it from a floating aqua plant into the powder that you can simply add into your smoothie! This finished powder is called LENTEIN®. This process allows us to keep all of our nutrients intact and uses no chemicals, just water! Many other protein isolates use a chemical extraction process to remove the protein from the plant or dairy product. However, our process uses no chemicals because we want to provide you with only the cleanest and nutritious product.

Protein is used in your body for more than just muscle. Proteins are used in hormone synthesis, DNA replication and a multitude of other functions. LENTEIN® provides a high-quality source of protein while not exposing you to any harsh chemicals or heavy metals that other proteins can contain.

Unlike soy, pea, and whey proteins, our LENTEIN® protein uses the whole plant, which means that all of the original vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are retained! Each serving of LENTEIN® gives you both the high-quality plant protein and 2 servings of vegetables too!