How to Construct the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls. An ice cream alternative with tons of healthy benefits. What could be better?

Well, let me tell you that if made correctly they can be even better than ice cream! With a crunch here and a chew there… the beauty of a smoothie bowl is in the toppings. You can truly customize each and every smoothie recipe. Below I’m going to list my secrets to crafting the perfect smoothie bowl!


First off, you need to decide what types of fruit you want in your smoothie. Do you want some frozen banana to add that creamy, ice-cream-esque feel to it? Are you feeling like a berry bliss or tropical paradise? What fruits do you have in your fridge or freezer? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself because, after all, this is the main ingredient! Personally, my favorite fruits to add are frozen banana and mangos.


When I first started making smoothies, I always just used water to add. However, there are tons of different liquids that you can add to make your smoothie absolutely delicious! I always base it on what type of smoothie I am trying to put together. If I’m doing tropical fruits then I usually like to add water, juice, or coconut water. If I’m putting strawberries, vanilla or coffee into it then I like adding some type of almond milk or hazelnut milk! Elmhurst has the best nutty milks that you should definitely try out!


Greens! Many people think that smoothies are just supposed to be filled with fruit but the secret to smoothie is to add some greens into it ;) Our Shake collection is the perfect “green” to add because not only do you get the additional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but you also get fiber and plant protein too! It is literally all the goodness in one scoop! We have both a Tropical Bliss and Vanilla so you can mix and match based on the other goodies that you are adding in.


Walnuts, pistachios, almonds, granola, and chocolate nibbles are all great little crunchie additions! Sometimes it is quite nice to put a spoonful in your mouth just to get multiple different textures of crunchy, chewy, and soft. You really can chop up bits of anything and sprinkle it on top.


Now, this can range from fresh fruit to dried fruit to coconut nibbles. I’m not talking about candy when I say chewy. I’m talking about something that will compliment your smoothie. Maybe some sunflower seeds or chia seeds or flax seeds? These all have additional nutritional benefits that just make your smoothie even healthier!


I’ve gone over the main bits and pieces to crafting a delicious (and beautiful) smoothie bowl. But everyone makes their smoothies bowls in their own way and each one differs somehow. There are a million more things that you could add to your smoothie. Bee-pollen for immunity, matcha for energy, cacao for a bit of chocolate, turmeric for detox. There are so many more things that you can add to personalize your smoothie and maximize the benefits!

Now that you’ve got an idea of the basics, I’m so excited to see all of these incredible smoothie bowls! Don’t forget to tag us @realsourcefoods on social media so that we can repost, like or comment!