Nutritional Water Lentil Shake - Made with LENTEIN® - Vanilla
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Water Lentil Drink made with LENTEIN Vanilla Flavor
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Supplement Facts for Vanilla Nutritional Water Lentil Shake - Made with LENTEIN®

Green Nutrition - Made with LENTEIN® - Vanilla

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Your daily green supplement using the world’s most sustainable, nutritious plant-based protein – water lentils. Water lentils are one of the only plants that provide you with protein, fiber, healthy fats, essential amino acids, bcaa's vitamins, and minerals. 

We understand how hard it is to consume enough nutrients every single day. That is why we’ve created All-In-One Nutrition. We want you to feel healthy without worrying about every meal.

1 scoop of Real Source’s All-In-One Nutrition will support a healthy, balanced diet of protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

1 scoop = 11g protein + 2 servings of veggies

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  • Complete vegan plant-based protein to support and build muscle while satisfying your hunger.
  • Water lentils are the only plant protein with the Essential Amino Acid (EAA) content and Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) content comparable to whey. This means no more mixing multiple plant proteins together to get a complete amino acid profile.
  • Plant-based protein that is easier to digest than soy or pea.
  • Provides the nutrients from spinach and kale in a much smaller serving size.
  • No added sugars. We only use natural sweeteners.
  • Soy Free Protein Blend – our only source of protein comes from the highest quality water lentils that we grow ourselves.

Why water lentils?

When you care about your body, what you put in it and where it comes from nothing comes close to our core ingredient, water lentils. Sustainably aqua-farmed in Florida, this plant-based protein has the potential to change the world’s food supply. High quality, clean, green plant-protein all from a single plant.

Having all 9 essential amino acids from a single ingredient allows us to reduce our footprint and dependence on multiple crops. Water lentils grow all year-round and is harvested daily unlike most other crops that require more land and water resources than our tiny plant.

What Does it Taste Like?

Our water lentils have a sweet mild plant flavor, with a leafy organic odor. Our All-In-One Nutritional Shakes has been flavored to reduce the green profile and include exciting flavors like Tropical Bliss to make drinking our shakes a tasty experience! Our raw water lentil products are fantastic ingredients for savory dishes as well as mixing into your favorite smoothie recipe.

FDA Gras Approval

Is it Safe?

What is LENTEIN® then?

LENTEIN® is made from water lentils. Water lentils are LENTEIN®. Sometimes also known as lemna or duckweed.

LENTEIN® Complete is a powder typically containing 45% crude protein, which is extracted from plant species in the Lemnoideae family (water lentils). Contains Minimum antinutritionals. LENTEIN® is non-GMO and hypoallergenic – free from lactose, gluten, dairy, egg, and soy.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and micronutrients, water lentils have been described as the world’s most complete food source. Lentein® contains 45-50% high-quality plant protein and more essential and branch-chain amino acids than any other plant protein. It is also highly digestible compared to plant proteins, with a PDCAAS of 93

How does LENTEIN® compare to other supplements?




How does LENTEIN® compare to other proteins?

Where does LENTEIN® fit into my diet?

LENTEIN® Complete is rich in health-promoting dietary fiber, omega-3 fat, minerals, and bioactive compounds. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for optimal cardiovascular, brain, and eye function while the minerals provided are essential for proper health, growth, and development. One serving of LENTEIN® Complete provides 38/55% of male/female RDA of Omega 3. LENTEIN® Complete is a good source of dietary fiber. It offers insoluble fiber which promotes weight loss, regular bowel movement, and prevents constipation.

It also offers soluble fiber which promotes gut health, diabetes protection, and reduces blood cholesterol levels.

An Amino Acid score (AAS) that is comparable to whey and higher than other plant proteins.

How To Use


Simply add water, shake or blend in with your favorite smoothie recipe. It can be as easy as that! 


We recommend adding to cold water, milk, or smoothie. On the go breakfast, or before the gym, our Supergreen LENTEIN® Superfood is the perfect healthy solution.


Check out our recipes page for tons of fun ideas from green muffins to tortilla chips to soups or play around and make your own!

What you get from Supergreen LENTEIN® Superfood

Protein + Superfood



Sustainable Green


Clean Digestion


Up to 51% RDA*

Omega-3 Fats

How Sweet!

Natural Sweeteners

Real Source uses as little sugar as possible because we know that you want to reduce your sugar intake! Instead, we use only the highest quality natural sweeteners like Stevia.

What makes us different?

Our dedication to sustainability and health is unparalleled. Our goal is to have zero footprints on this earth whether from our farms, process, or packaging.

Currently, our farms recycle 98% of our water usage and use the non-arable land. Our water lentils also double in biomass daily, which allows us to harvest every day of the year. This means that our products will never contribute to deforestation and strive to be as efficient as possible. Learn more about our mission here.

Our tiny plants, water lentils, provide high-quality protein while also giving you all of the Vitamin A you need. Whatever your concern, our products can help. As food and water security are becoming a more significant concern, the population is looking towards plants to fulfill their dietary needs. Water lentils are considered a complete food, meaning that they will provide protein, fiber, fats, and micronutrients like calcium and iron all from one plant.

Superior to Soy and Pea

What are Water Lentils?

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Water Lentils are small, flowering plants that float on the surface of fresh water.

Water lentils are one of the only plants that is considered a complete food source.

What does that mean? A complete food is one that provides you with protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Basically, all of the macronutrients that you need in your diet. Amazing, right? 

Water lentils’ protein has the highest percent of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids compared to any other plant-based protein. And it is the only plant protein comparable to whey. Essentially, that means that water lentils provide one of the highest quality plant protein sources. No more mixing a million plant proteins together – you just need water lentils.  

Let’s talk superfood! A superfood is a nutrient dense food that provides you with most of the vitamins and minerals that you need in your diet. Water lentils are a superfood. One serving of water lentils will provide you with two servings of veggies. Instead of adding two cups of kale to your diet, grab a scoop of water lentils! 

Water lentils' Sustainability

How We Grow It

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Check out all of the different ways to incorporate our products into your diet! From muffins to tortilla chips to soups- eating healthy has never tasted so good!

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