Easy Workouts You Can Do At Home

Have you been struggling to keep your New Year’s resolution because you just can’t find time in your day to workout? I get it.

It can be difficult to find time in your busy schedule in between making meals, going to work, taking care of your dog/ significant other/ kids .. It can be even more difficult to find time to do something that you don’t even want to do! So, instead of convincing you to go the gym I’m going to give you an easier, and less expensive solution!

At home workouts. At home workouts = no more excuses.

Abs in Bed

What if I told you that you could get a little workout in without even getting out of bed in the morning?  

While still laying on your bed, simply bend your knees with your feet placed down on the bed and do a few crunches. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Firm up your glutes.

Whether you are meal prepping, watching tv or chatting away you can do this exercise without feeling like you are lifting a finger.

Stand up and balance yourself with a stool, counter top or even your bed and begin to do backward leg raises. After a few, you should feel a burn in your gluteus maximus (that is your bottom).

Laying down leg raises

Another one for the bed. Before you’ve gotten out of bed do some leg raises. Simply lay down and lift, one by one, your legs to an angle of 45 degrees with the bed. These leg raises will not only work your quads but also your abs!


These three simply workouts should prove to you that you can be healthy and fit without having to go to the gym daily. Just spend a few minutes everyday working out at home.