Oaty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello everyone! Today, I'm going to talk about this new recipe that I've played around with. I mean who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies? AND what child won't love green chocolate chip cookies?!

Seriously, you are going to love these. They are fun and tasty and if you add the oat flour then you may even be able to get away with calling them breakfast ;) 

Most of these ingredients you will probably have in the fridge and pantry, which makes it a super simple recipe!

The additional scoop of Real Source will also give you all of these additional goodies- protein, dietary fiber, omega-3s, vitamin A, iron, calcium and so many more !!



-2 cups oat flour or plain flour
-1 tsp baking soda⠀
-1 scoop Real Source Vanilla⠀
-1/4 tsp salt⠀
-6 tbsp butter⠀
-1 egg

-1 tsp vanilla extract⠀
-1/2 cup honey or sugar⠀
-1/2 cup chocolate chips⠀

Mix all together in a bowl. 

Place small balls onto parchment paper and spread with fork. 

Cook in oven at 350F for 8-10 minutes!