Cacao Cashew Bar

GUYS! I am literally so excited to share this recipe with you. It is going to become a staple in my household from now on- it is that good! So, you know RX bars? Do you also know how expensive they are? I mean if you are looking for a healthy bar with minimal processed ingredients and no soy then bada bing- RX bar! But they get really expensive and they have quite a bit of sugar in them too. 

I started to play around with some ideas of how to make an RX bar look-alike and I think I did it! This bar uses only healthy ingredients like cashews, almond butter, and dates. And it contains cacao, which has recently been discovered as a superfood full of antioxidants! Don't worry though, if you don't have cacao on hand or you don't want to buy it then you can just use cocoa powder instead. Give this recipe a try!


- 1 cup almond butter

- 1/2 cup cashews

- 1/2 cup cacao powder (or cocoa powder)

- 1 scoop Real Source Vanilla

- 5 dates

- 3 tbsp maple syrup (optional but it makes it a bit sweeter)