"Instead of adding kale or spinach to our smoothies, we now add a small scoop of our Water Lentil Superfood for the same nutrients! So much easier than always having to have a fresh bag of spinach/kale open 🙌"
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Health, Wellness, and Sustainability
Often overlooked, we chose to focus on our main ingredient by design. Shifting trends to plant-based diets requires sustainable practices in agriculture. For us, it starts with our main ingredient - the Water Lentil
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"I strongly recommend this product. This is what people caring about quality food have been waiting for! Finally a high quality protein, full of benefits and without all the crap all the others have! And I love the taste!"

- Gregory S.
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What are Water Lentils?
We're sure you're curious about this new green superfood claiming to be the world's most sustainable, nutritionally complete plant-based food.*

Here's our breakdown on water lentils, why they are so important, where they come from and why we think they are the future for plant-based foods.
Water Lentils 101